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Local community radio

Sydhavnsbølgen is a community radio station started in October 2023, at Frontløberne in Åårhus, where we have a studio, a performance venue, and a part-time station manager.  

All shows are produced by volunteers.
The station's aim is to make the city feel a little smaller by broadcasting your friends' voices on the radio, and the voices of those who might soon become your friends.

  • Sydhavnsbølgen's purpose is to broadcast member's sounds on the radio
  • The station emphasizes quality in approach and authenticity in expression.
  • The administration's role is to ensure that member's access to the air is as easy as possible
  • The station prioritizes sounds that are made by and speak to a diverse and pluralistic group of people, with a focus on Aarhusian emerging / youth culture and voices that are underrepresented on the radio


If you're interested in hosting a show, get in touch!
You can make one-off broadcasts, monthly shows, and weekly shows.

We put on workshops and host DJ orientations monthly - keep an eye on the Events page for upcoming stuff.  


Sydhavnsbølgen is funded by Nordea Fonden. 
Our main expenses are music licensing, software licensing, hardware, and paying our part time station manager.
We're currently looking for future funding, so get in touch if you want to collaborate on a project.
Jægergårdsgade 154c
Sydhavnen, 8000 Aarhus C
CVR: 13003335